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A few years ago I posted a blog on my top 10 books. It's almost 2016, so here is my list of top 10 design YouTube videos. What do these have to do with design? Good question, each contains tiny bits of important stuff. I use these videos to communicate, teach or inspire. I have watched some of these multiple times. Sometimes I listen and am inspired, or make a new tiny connection. When thinking design, a gentle shove is always helpful.

It is interesting how the brain creates and generates new ideas. Sometimes I look at a picture, or painting, or listen to a song, or see an interesting new thingy and a tiny spark forms. Sometimes these external sparks can ignite new ideas or somehow deliver some random answer to a question sitting all the way at the back of a 1950's dimly lit classroom. 

So enjoy my top 10, I won't pollute your experience with what each means to me, but do feel free to ask. Oh, I also didn't rank them, I lied about the "top" part. Good luck!




Sam Harris: Science can answer moral questions



George Carlin: Airport Security



Jeremy Rifkin: The Empathic Civilization



Iain McGilchrist: The Divided Brain



Stephen Pinker: Language as a Window into Human Nature



Daniel Dennet: Dangerous memes



Jimmy Carter: The Mistreatment of women is the number one human rights abuse



Douglas Adams: Wormholes



Jody Williams: Activism



Gavin Schmidt: The emergent patterns of climate change


I'm sorry for excluding the rest of the YouTube videos, even my silly animation below: 


#Science 101 : The power of positive #Psychology.


* - Well, a list is a form of order, so, an unordered ordered list, there, happy?