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With COP21 complete and a freshly inked agreement, governments and corporations can now start playing games with the new rules. The biggest losers will be corporations that have ignored what scientists have been telling them. Perhaps it's best they perish, if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem - evolution works. Perish or evolve, but should our governments bail out those that pulled the plug on our boat? Hmmm, banks?

With freshly minted paper tigers learning how to scratch, some are feeling climate change stress. There are some terrifying realities of climate change. War, poverty and natural disasters are attenuated by climate change. Syria is a good example of what to expect if we keep our blindfolds on, but if we open our eyes to look carefully, there are better examples of success when we all work as a team - Swarm Intelligence 101.

The science works, but can the lawyers and governments make any climate plan work? Ouch, my tongue! So, science does the heavy lifting only for the clowns, in administration, to fumble the trillion kilo cowbells? The Montreal Protocol had legally binding targets - a handful of companies had to change what they were doing to save our planet. It's still working. Without legally binding targets, can our changing Climate Change plan be as successful?

The freedom, the freedom, the freedom.

How to destress? The reality of climate change is that it's very complex, in the scientific tense, such that each one of us impacts climate change. Much like the Butterfly Effect, our daily acts and habits technically attenuate climate. Of course, some butterflies have bigger wings than others, isn't that correct Sir Richard Branson? This is a mathematical argument based upon the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Translation: Yes, you can be a tiny part of the climate change solution! You have the science!

With some climate change stress levels on" high, we need to remind ourselves that our positive behaviours can have a positive impact on our climate and our mental health. Being a designer and optimist, the only hurdles to climate change are evil lawyers*. No worries, they will make beneficial speed bumps when they get hired into the new green economy.

I have made many small changes in my life starting about 10 years ago. I was inspired by others doing the same. I changed my consumption habits, I changed my activities and habits. I'm still trying to improve. Each new advancement a lesson in failure or the occasional success.

My psychology has changed. Now, I see things every differently. One thing I notice is my recent disdain for luxury items. Gold, diamonds, cars, consumer trinkets and the latest must-haves. Now, I see luxury as ugly and ignorant = the more I learn, the more I see how our culture values the wrong stuff.

We must enjoy the butterfly and its effects as the crow flies.

When I look at some luxury products, my feelings confirm my reality. Gold has a toxic black market. Some luxury products use illegally stolen natural materials. Even slave labour is becoming a concern in a now global black market. Humanity sees the ivory tusks, but it seems to miss the finer and much uglier print. Consumption of luxury items now seems like a dysfunctional culture. Just ask a male Bowerbird.

I was speaking to a very concerned couple at a climate change informational. Recently learning of climate change and wanting to know more on how they could help. I asked what kind of car they drove. A luxury brand car that cost about $100,000 - they used it only for city driving. I suggested a $25,000 electric car and donate $75,000 to something greener. Eyes popped open and a smile. How we choose to live and behave impacts our climate.

How can you empower your evolution? Evolve your behaviour! Will they sell their luxury car? One seemed on the fence and uncomfortable. What can give one more comfort: a luxury car, or the knowledge that everyone's future will be more comfortable if they choose not to drive a luxury car?

Don't underestimate yourself, your choices can change your world. Now, vote smart with your dollars and let some corporations start to feel your stress.


* - not all lawyers are evil. I'm being serious!