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Opinion ~ After 21 climate change meetings, what have we created? 

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change has published its Paris Agreement. The UNFCCC is like an evolving "process", each set of meetings resulting in consensus and revision. Meeting by meeting, a complex plan is growing that will positively impact Earth for centuries to come. Centuries to come, UNFCCC meetings will be a tiny blip, but impacts omnipresent, and will seem like a big green omnigift.

UNFCCC meetings are analogous to fine tuning humanities "boiler room" while under full-steam production. Somewhat like rewiring a Boeing 777 during a flight from Toronto to Paris, but before flying past Ottawa less than one hour into the flight such that landing in Paris is possible to avoid a very predictable fatal landing. Enjoy your flight, would you like a pillow? 

To date, it seems climate is our number one security threat. Is it? It's up there! If sea level rises with no surprises, humanity should be able. If sea level rises with extra sea level surprises, then ~80% of our global trading cities will be struggling to keep their economy solvent in the face of lots of salt water literally in their faces. Feel free to let it sink in - it stings!

There is no shortage of issues humanity faces. Jimmy Carter identifies abuse towards women and girls as the largest human rights violation. He is correct. Another issue is pollution. In my original blog "Climate Change Conspiracy!", I discuss that while climate change is a threat, pollution is also a threat.

Domestic abuse, pollution, and climate change aren't all the threats we face, these are further attenuated by poverty. One study reported that 100,000,000 people may die, by 2030, from climate-related impacts. It is a very high number, it is also a number that is hard to refute. Syria is an excellent example of what is to be expected if we don't act correctly on climate change. Access to water and food can help bring security to areas of high climate impact. Nobody said this was going to be a fun flight, buckle up, sorry there will be no pillows for some in our new turbulent times.

The added threat of pollution impacts humanity, and our environment, differently than climate change. As critical as climate change is, Earth needs a United Nations Framework Convention on Pollution, and quickly. With global trade law, we see that without compliance on toxic pollution, toxic manufacturing will always find a way to damage our planet without change. Add in the use of modern human slavery and these places must be stopped. If the only thing keeping these toxic inputs alive is modern slavery, well let's eliminate both. Time to rethink how we think - smarter and ethically. 

What makes my November 20, 2010, blog interesting is I suggest that by addressing pollution correctly, by design and concurrently, carbon pollution will be decreased much more quickly than by UNFCCC "alone", and eliminate non-value added toxic pollution**.

Clever, eh? Sometimes if we change where we start, a better ending "just magically happens". Can a great design also make thousands of lawyers and politicians obsolete? Less hot air would be a refreshing change! 


*- I think my grammar checker should reward me extra points for new words.

** - Toxic pollution is a negative green feedback, not a Positive Green Feedback.