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Opinion: Elizabeth May is a-May-zing! 

I want to thank Elizabeth May for the excellent campaign and green she has championed - teamwork. As easy as partisan criticism can be, Elizabeth has kept it classy. When it comes to leadership in Ottawa, I think everyone can root the Green Party on!

With a fresh grown-up attitude sprouting in Parliament, I am interested in seeing how Elizabeth will champion the new challenges Canada faces. The maturing and understanding of the Green Economy is starting to show positive green feedbacks - a green plan is a winning plan.

As innovation in green science grows, some green ideas need priority to build the critical "other side of our green bridge" before we run out of cheap energy. The biggest risk in the green economy is choosing poor ideas, we won't get an easy second chance to get it correct. Time will deliver the strategy Canada will be taking.

I think Elizabeth has done an excellent job in championing and advocating for green in Canada. She has kept the peace and amplified the Green Party goals. Before the 41st parliament, we saw the beginnings of petitions on social media. Watching our community endorse great movements quickly has brought a new voice to Canadians.

Now that Parliament is accepting more input we have many petitions to choose from. Now it seems safe to speak freely, so here is a link to Elizabeth May's plethora of petitions. I am also looking forward to Green Party of Canada's hard work and support better reflected with reformed Canadian election law.

#Elxn43 is coming ...


P.S. - A "debate" with Elizabeth May schooling Dr.T.Ball (later sued by Michael E Mann), "Dr. Climate Denier", on climate and other green issues. Bravo!