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Opinion: In a knowledge-based economy, ignoring reality is dangerous.

Listening to great speakers is a treat. The ideas fly freely, each new bit giving the discussion a new interesting direction. I have always been drawn to the ability to communicate science, well. I just listened to Star Talk Radio Podcast, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson interviewing Bill Clinton on politics and science.

It's fun listening to those that caught the science bug. Bill Clinton is a very curious man, and his impact as President, on science and the economy is simply huge. Neil and Bill both talked about how the US should have a Secretary of Science. To help ensure science-based policy will deliver results. But also to Invest in science that will grow into other opportunities.

Bill Clinton helped launch the World Wide Web, the Human Genome Project and the Hubble Space Telescope. Sure Bill's smart, but he had a lot of help. He listened carefully to his science advisers on which knowledge would benefit America and its citizens.

Looking back, would a Republican America launched these projects, or just go to war to help stimulate the Dick Cheney economy? Where would America be without leadership in these areas? In my blog Freedom of Research, I talk about how science translates into things, sometimes decades later. Looking back, we can see the wisdom in Bill's decisions.

Bill Clinton just seems to keep moving. Jimmy Carter, as well. They know that real damage can be done using dumb policy. They also know how to build a winning team and a winning plan. It's a security threat and both Bill and Jimmy know it.

Science has to become a focus, fast, for Canada to flourish in on our third* industrial revolution. Jobs and security using one plan is smart.

I hope Dr. Kirsty Duncan, Canada's Science Minister, can help accelerate us past 2015 and Canada's dark decade.


PS - I also enjoy like listening to Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, Steven Pinker and Sam Harris.

* - Green Revolution ;)