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Opinion: An atmosphere of positive change for Canada at COP21.

But first, a climate poem

Seeing our new Government of Canada act on climate is an impressive start. Justin Trudeau has turned the lights back on in Parliament and is showing the world that his team means business in Paris. I'm impressed with the choices for Cabinet and think they could do very well. Time will tell. Justin Trudeau has also engaged the Premiers and bonded with Elizabeth May.

Will Canada win The Fossil Fuel Awards again? Perhaps, changing government doesn't change the dirty businesses creating the problems. I'm impressed with Justin's leadership and the world is starting to notice. I see many Canadians excited to see our democracy begin healing. In many ways, this moment reminds me of post-Bush. Can Justin help Canada's dirty ways?

Watching the leadership of Barack Obama continuing to advance the conversation on climate and policy is also impressive. What Barack did, Justin now faces. The good news is that rebuilding can bring new opportunity for Canada. If Justin can boost research and development for our future green economy, Canada can begin to heal and grow again. Barack enjoyed many consecutive months of positive jobs growth and higher innovation and green manufacturing economic activity.

Should Canada continue to subsidize fossil fuels with over $34 billion per year? Who will buy this dirty energy? How can fossil fuels compete when green energy is 10 times cheaper?

Well, spoilers, until nanotechnology can extract oil sands energy with very high efficiency, and no pollution, the World Bank is correct, oilsands are stranded assets. The free market will do more for Canada than Justin Trudeau can. It's called evolution, watch and learn.