Earth Hour :It is coming again. Is it even useful? One hour. So what?

Perhaps we can get the Egyptians to run Earth Hour? Lets fire this puppy up bigger in 2011!

What things can “one hour” spark in your life? I assert more than what you started with!

Have you ever day dreamed for one hour? Did you know that free thought is powerful?

So, to those that think Earth Hour is a "waste of time", turn off all your lights and invite some friends to join in a “dark conversation of change”. What the heck.

A person I talked with, a "conservative oil apologist", told me that it conflicted with his hockey game. Of course his knowledge of Green was flimsy and defenceless, as conservative arguments so often are.

I stopped talking to him to avoid an further decrease in my Klout score.

So, what ideas do you have? I have plenty! Can you help me spread them?

My Earth Hour idea is to follow up with 10 tweets about Monsanto. These 10 Tweets will contain #EarthHour & #Monsanto & #GMO. Would you retweet them?

Can you come up with more "positive and scientific" Monsanto related information about our ecosystem?

Yes, saving electricity is important, but, also understanding your purchasing power with regards to GMO foods is also important.

Using twitter to spread a positive message that demonstrates leadership in ecological concerns is better awareness about GMO products and the issues they have.

After, I will construct a word cloud of the above hashtags, kind of like this one about my "rants" about Canada discussing the purchase of F-35 fighter planes.


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