Radiocarbon Dating Markets: Carbon Copy Criminals Driving Ms. Daisey?

It is funny to see the Wall St. Crowd trying to catch a wave on the "green industry": Carbon Trading. The next big thing. The Y2K of earth: carbon. Sell it! Harder!

I am not buying into this carbon market. Either do you.

The entertaining thing about all this: I have a solution, not an opinion. I am action. Check my first blog, or read on.

Trading is an important asset to human behaviour, it "helps" both sides? Way back when, was trading the inspiration for currency? I am not sure. The thing I am sure about is the validity of markets: “kinda weaselly”

Look at our free market system: manipulated. The system is not regulated, thus, inefficient and uncompetitive globally. Will all the business people wait for carbon markets?

And, I have seen issues with some of these "adventures in market making". One example I will bring to this story is the rights of the indigenous people to harvest, naturally, their traditional lands.

Some of these people use nature to suppliment their incomes. Yes, some are over harvesting, but, access to nature should not be restricted: is that a human right? Access to water, shelter and food. I have seen a few documentaries on this and I think that everyone needs a wake up call.

People can manipulate the carbon market system. People can disseminate information illegally for market advantage. People can misrepresent assets. People can lie, cheat and steal: and they do. White collar crime is the place to be for any weasel looking for a dishonest buck.

And here we have some carbon credit theft: next to RFID theft, these are the two growing markets I see. Talk about free markets providing security of investment: what a joke. George is such a negative dude? Or is he using reverse psychology? Who cares! Lets move forward.

Some see alternative energy and protecting our planet as a business opportunity, and it is. But, the opportunity is only “real” if there is a net benefit to our ecosystem ( Return on Environment). Greenwash scams and government programs that do not add this “net benefit” are a waste of tax dollars.

The limits of our planet are tangible, unlike the human symbol : money.

It is funny, I have had my green investment chart at the top of this page for a long time. Maybe that image can explain what you already know: we need honest capitalism. Laugh now?.

Nice Pierre: "What is your suggestion". Yes. What is the Canadian solution for energy independence? I have an idea.

The Carbon market is the evolution of these two concepts “connecting”: “Money & Reality”. Do you trust traders and business people enough to save our planet? I do not, not with the current security controls on markets.

And what exactly are we going to get delivered? If there is a crisis, what is the risk with this "Carbon Market". These are all big questions. Watch the price of gas start to rise. The Wizard of Oz knows. How sensitive will Carbon Trading be?

How many overpaid executives need to make my easy decisions? None. Shak mat.

Lots of "business scum" "polishing up the next Vega"?

The "Carbon Market" future? The dream of the free markets: "people getting what they need". We can all see the issues.

I get into this discussion quite often: the effectiveness of markets. I think they are history, myself. Free markets will not be controlled. Did the middleman just get the shaft ? (***WARNING*** Advertising that I do not endorse, just find funny)

I will be submitting my “Eco-idea” to General Electric. Then you will see what I am talking about. I “donate this simple concept” to them to first show I have ideas and secondly, there is $100 million up for grabs. I came up with this concept in 1996, so it is 15 years now. Ahead of its time: of course.

This "shark" is too big for a CBC sitcom, sorry Kevin.

I do not need governments or markets for capitalism: I have the Internet. I am tired of the middlemen. I am tired of their heartless crimes against citizens and investors. Taking their money. It is not fair. And I am talking about the bad ones, I know there are many great investors out there. You can usually tell a good investor by : results.

It would be interesting to see the batting averages of some executives when it comes to actual job performance, but, even that is changing in the USA. I do not defend free markets: they are not free.

That is why I will design this system. I am sick of the greed with no results. I am tired of this behaviour. Businesses taking peoples futures and no returns. Taking their money then telling everyone to be careful in what they invest in: “meanwhile back at the offshore banks....”

Making a market is power. Market Makers make the market. They create the “dream” and the lemmings start running towards the dream. So, can I create a dream, an idea? Can I create my power? My power to empower? Sounds hot. I think it is.

Yes, I can. I am going to. I saw a tweet, and here I am with my next design experiment with actual tangible results. What is the worst that can happen? GE is a friendly company? Maybe they will send me an Email.

Some people may be thinking I am silly to let this easy design out of the bag, but, it is too big for a small fish like me. I can only do so much. GE can invest billions, and that would take forever, for me :)

I have seen many “green” companies over the past 15 years steal investors money: selling the dream.

Companies like Fuel Cell Energy (FCEL): executive pay packages that exceed revenues for years on end. Diluting share value with the annual yank of the “toilet paper roll of blank cheques”. Getting option packages that require on thing: breathing.

I pick on FCEL, because it is simple. Being a product designer I did a “my deep analysis” on the product and the market. Poor business case, but, because they are “green” people keep throwing money at them, and the execs keep buying those big cottages on Marthas Vineyard (you know who you are). What a gig! A hard days work.

As an aside, I predicted that most US manufactured alternative energy technology would be made in China: no US jobs for the taxes used to invest in the technology. This trend has already started. Of course all product designers understand that "we can trust the Chinese government with our Intellectual property".

Is IP obsolete as well? I am not sure. I guess it depends on your “bucket of lawyers”. (Colbert Vs. Wikipedia : Classic! )

If you look at some of the qualifications of the these "Board Members", of some of these "new energy upstarts", you will see a common theme : big degrees, pretty faces and no results.

I am not saying do not trust all companies, just be wise and do your homework. When it comes to stocks, I have read company reports since I was teen. I thought it was cool that you could buy a stock and make money by “doing nothing”.

I have watched mutual fund companies buy into "the FCEL's of the world" and get fleeced. A common trend. Green funds? Check please. And just like ABCP, everyone love a great story!

I have some great investment stories! But, for the common investor, if you cannot time the market, sometimes all those gains go poof! Makes me sad for all those people that invest parts of their retirement on some mutual funds and some stocks. Does the ordinary person have options?

Does the ordinary person have money to invest? Looks like Canada followed the “credit lifestyle” as seen on TV.

Carbon Markets: the next dream. Sizzley! Especially when we are "cooking the planet" and "blowing it up". How many wars are going on? What is the carbon footprint of the military corporations? I digress.

Carbon Markets : Obsolete? : That is all I am saying.

Unscrupulous CEO and Company Officers using the free market to basically steal money for the “dream”: an honest investor ( or mutual fund ) buying shares for future growth can get screwed. Not always, but, the risk is the Global Market.

With well timed wars, one can get extra-rich fast! I refused to invest in military stocks after 9/11. My hand picked up my phone and I was ready to buy my splash of stocks "I could depend on performance". No names, but, I am sure you can find them on Google.

I told a friend of mine to invest $10K in the Google IPO, I wonder how they are doing?

Can we trust "Free Markets" with the even more important task of creating a greener planet? No, I do not think that is efficent. Just my opinion. Sorry Charlie (stop eating tuna)

The idea is simple: invest in green energy correct? Incorrect!

The Wall St. gang of thugs is a well oiled process of taking your money and delivering nothing. Much like the Insurance industry and the Justice System: no access for the poor or needy. No access.

Governments are telling me that a private investment model is more efficient and costs less? This is incorrect: especially when government fails to innovate itself, and the “private system” "swoop in to save the day". I will explain this in my next blog. Lets progress.

Do you believe this? Well, I have a galaxy for sale: Cheap! Get in early! Think of all the energy you will own in stars! Buy now and get black hole insurance: operators are waiting for you "big happy" call!

The difference between symbols and tangible assets is a "material matter evidence factor thing". It is about holding that investment tool in your hands. The “economic wizards” in the USA think that gold is security. Gold is not security.

Energy is: “Energy is the new gold.” - me

Markets have been the "symbol" of "free trading" of "commodities" ever since the first farmers market. Society has held this trading and barter method ever since “I wanted that and they wanted this”. With communication comes opportunity.

Trading is the way to have what "you made" and some of what "they made". It is called market diversity. With no money or surcharges for service: It is called community.

Well, that is how "it" started. Now we can see how the markets work: you typically get ripped off: unless you are special in the eyes of the bankruptcy judge.

So, lets wrap this one up. Markets were developed to create a market. This is pretty basic. I do not need this. Why should I have to pay to go through anyone to get my booty? ( Explicit Lyrics )

Carbon markets: "#DGD : thumbs down".


P.S. - I am a "GE Capitalist"?: “Captain of Industry”? No, just a simple designer. Will the idea I share make me a "General of Free Market Capitalism"?. Cool! #hohohojollygreengeneral ;)

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