Tar + Sand = Tarsand = Pollution

It is interesting to see the "political games" politicians play before elections. Promises and “innovation talk” fabricated to provide glossy new "political platforms" to “preach from”.

The “new kid on the block”, John Baird, has a tough challenge to provide the CPC with a “credible image” with regards to the environment and the tarsands. By using “big words” and “big promises”, we see another “promise”. The promise to monitor pollution by the companies extracting oil and to monitor water. Do we need to “check” these “knowns”, again?

Alberta has a long history of oil industry and other industrial pollution. The natural gas and refining industries have long been given carte blanche. Many people have long been exposed to the pollution, the results of poor government regulation of this industry and the influence the corporations have on our government offices. I see a history of inaction.

With water becoming a political "hot potato", is John just delivering the next "white wash"?

Poor air quality and toxic emissions have long been ignored, not just in Alberta. “Grandfather” clauses protecting some industries legal right to pollute. Industry using the “fear of economic losses and competition” to stall environmental responsibility.

Now I see John Baird making “bold new" "decisions".

Scientists and naturalists have long known that the tarsands creates pollution. Mr. Baird is providing a “fresh look” at an old problem? No, just more inaction. Just like the inaction on climate change and bill C-311 on climate science.

Is “looking at a problem” a solution? No. Monitoring pollution will not help the environment. It is simply a stall tactic to delay the industry from actually doing anything about the pollution created in the past and the future pollution waiting to happen.

Creating a "new spin" is what the CPC provides Canada. Much like bill C-311, no action, no innovation. John Baird chose the “classic” “well lets see what the others do”. The tarsands is now a “lets see what the pollution is” issue? John, perhaps a drink of that water will give you the answer. No? Have another glass, please.

Both C-311 ( climate change science ) and the tarsands are examples of government inaction enabling corporate inaction. Both solutions provide "no solution", just more “talk”. In the case of the tarsands, monitoring.

Alberta has long suffered the health effects of the oil industry. Old greedy practises, “Tobacco Industry”-style lawyers: fighting each "penny spent" to protect the environment and the people "downwind of their activity". Same with the coal industry, etc. No innovation, just talk and court time, to avoid investing in a healthier environment for all living things: Court cases settled “out of the spot light” to reduce “corporate image challenges”.

This is classic political dishonesty: appear to provide an honest and progressive plan to “gain support” and give people the illusion that the government is protecting Canada and its citizens.

John Baird is reading out of his “Karl Rove 101” handbook again? Personally, I think Karl Rove is a war criminal, but, that is my opinion. Carl is a genius at politics: the politics of deception and inactivity to let companies get away with “it”.

How long have scientists known about all the environmental issues with all industry? Well, Mr. Baird, thank you for reinventing the wheel again. Just what we need the wheel, again and again.

We need action to be taken with hard environmental standards that industry must target, regardless of “economic times”, “competitiveness” and corporate “responsibility”. Maybe Canada can eliminate oil subsidy and invest in environmental subsidy? I am not sure.

Inaction is damaging Canadians' health and our global environment. Your inaction, Mr. Baird, is classic politics. We need less politics and more action. The only “smaller government” I would like is the one that can eliminate political stalling on known issues and let the scientists start cleaning up Alberta, and Canada.

How many times must the Canadian taxpayer pay for the “wheel to be invented” by each new environment minister. It is time to act morally and eliminate political games that are slowly killing Canadian citizens and destroying our natural ecosystems. Those are facts. Just look at the aboriginal people and how long they have been concerned with most industrial practises. They had no “science laboratory” or “special monitoring systems”. You do not have to be an expert to see the negative effects of toxic pollution and irresponsible business practises, you just have to look “outside”.

John is only giving us “a shiny new pamphlet” and hoping we forget just long enough to get the CPC reelected. That is want politicians do.

If the political system does not work, the science and technology really never mattered in the first place. Mr. Baird, you will repeat this again.


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