“2010 Science” blew me away!

Many of “my product ideas of the past 15 years” are finally coming into “reality”. A few: advanced research in the biology and genetics of bacteria/microbes and other little thingies, Brain neurocognition adaptation, Organic computing and heck even Twitter. It was also interesting to see Richard Dawkins bring attention to the quality of science in America.

My blogs are supposed to be fun.... dealing with “some very hard truths” about all our challenges ahead. I even wrote a metalanguage program that would be a “WikiScience” repository and forum for natural sciences.

MIT opened another green program in the Economics of Sustainable Materials. Smart!

As much as I criticize “the system” for not being “green enough”, I see many new technologies that will deliver a green economy and prosperous green future. Seems the only roadblocks are: “the justice systems” impeding aggressive “green adoption”, the corporations that are “put at risk” by a “global green evolution”.

I am a green product designer and green advisor. In product design, our field looks forward. How we construct the next “great gadget” is “life or death” for companies. Apple is a great example. Google is another. Wikipedia is another great product (open source).

I had a “free course” a few years ago in “touch screen stuff”. Having watched 20 years of touch screen technology knowledge ( out of pure interest in computers etc and human factors engineering ), I sat down to watch the “pitchmen” for this technology. It enabled Apple to provide its system today. In summary, I see what is coming “down the pipe” as far as products. I like to share this in a “green way”.

Now, being a “green designer”, I typically will not engage in electronics design. I have rules. Rule #1. Do not design things that will pollute my planet. I have worked on systems that can spit out a V-10 truck engine block and cylinder head every 12 seconds. I still feel guilty. At least I did some work on the Clean Diesel Engines for the “big boy” trucks.

The one innovation I have not seen, so far, in electronics or auto is rethinking planned obsolescence.

I want to work on, or share my insight, with green projects. I have written some harsh blogs on many topics, since November 2, 2010. My write them for “green awareness”: people need to focus on the realities of our planets future. I am not saving endangered species or a plant, just the planet, for now. I see a lot of greenwash out there too. I will be starting to focus on this more in 2011, in my blogs.

I like to explore the technology “they use”, plan to use and how they use it. Introducing new technology is a tricky game indeed. This is why I feel that we are starting “green” in the wrong context. With all that debate climate science ( the “good parts” and the exploited “ugly parts”: funded by corporations ) all I am saying is we are still polluting our planet. Lets think about this.

John Baird, Canadian Environment Minister, has been “stalling” Canadas leadership in “green”. Now, he has irresponsibly thrown out a “target”. He asserts that a 2 Celsius increase in temperature is a “danger point”. Of course, anyone versed in complex mathematics would tell you this is the “wrong thinking” to start with. Nice job John, now you will make the debate based on your “2 Degree” obfuscation? Our planet is getting more and more polluted each day. Start with that John: Would “Grandfather Claus” be mad at how dirty this place is?

But, aside from the challenges ahead of societies “reprogramming” in consumerism psychology, science just keeps innovating. All the work being done now is breath taking!

In 2011, I look forward to more innovation in science! Keep it coming!