This is a wake up call! Just kidding, no fear here.

Giving credit is important and I would like to thank Bulk Barn ( and all bulk food stores ). I have spent the last few years evolving my “green being”. This has led me to reduce the number of processed foods I buy and buying things that offer me the best quality and “greenest” packaging.

People need to be aware that our food has the largest carbon footprint on the planet ( don't tell the US military this, they think they have the largest carbon footprint ). Consuming greenly is the single biggest action you can make on our environment. I always eat everything I cook and try not to let food spoil ( “crisper?”, they should call it “the rotter!” – some comedian ). These things help when you consider our world population.

Back to Bulk Barn. Making more meals from scratch, I find that Bulk Barn has most of the ingredients I need. They offer more organic items. Did I mention price? Price is good. But, my favourite thing is the packaging. Yes, it is plastic bags ( I would like to see them move to green plastic – crinkle crinkle ), but when you add up all your purchases versus “brand name” packaging, you have 1/3 the volume, nice! What does that mean? My experience shows that given a similar group of items bought at Bulk Barn versus a grocery store, I use one green-bag for Bulk Barn and three green-bags at the grocery store. Warning! That one Bulk Barn green-bag is heavy ( okay, a little fear ).

Thanks bulk food stores of the world!

P.S. - I am now demanding you use green plastic! Help me out here.


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