Climate Change: Conspiracy!

Being "green" is a tough gig. A lot of people telling you this and that and how you should behave. Argh. Add to this to a collection of non-scientists barking that science can be wrong. Well, it can be, sometimes.

Climate change is a body of science. Science evolves as new theory is created. Sometimes science is wrong (ie. science that has drawn conclusions or assumptions based on poor data or poorly designed experiments that include invalid assumptions) and this science evolves. Good science lives, bad science dies. Like evolution, science is the survival of the “repeatable”.

The science of complex systems (ie. the environment), versus the science of simple systems (ie. the mechanics of a pendulum), is a tricky subject. To understand them, we need very different tools. Complex, in simple terms, means a system that has "almost an infinite" number “factors” that attenuate the system as a whole (ie. climate science).

Can you write down all the factors that impact our environment? I can't. But, we have to understand that in a body of science, such as climate, some parts are easier to prove than others. This leads to the wiggle room that skeptics use to deny the body of science, sometimes as a whole.

The honest approach is to accept the good science and exclude that bad science. Scientists use peer reviews for validation, meaning, anyone is allowed to disprove a scientific element of the body of the science, provided they can demonstrate it is incorrect. Think of it like a big book. You can erase parts of it, but, you have to add to the body of science to do so: improve it. No wiggle room there.

So, why my title, "Climate Change Conspiracy"? Well, many people are concerned by Climate Change and I concur. The science of Climate Change is tricky, since, our climate changes naturally and is very, very, very complex (the mathematical definition of complex). Over millions of years, our climate changes. That is pretty well accepted by everyone. The rates at which these changes are occurring and changes in known climate prediction should be the focus, not a singular record snowfall in Texas.

Okay, conspiracy. What if there was a bigger threat? A bigger threat to all life on this planet. I assert that there is a bigger threat. Yes, we all know there are: asteroids, exploding stars, massive gamma radiation bursts, comets, George W. Bush, atoms disintegrating to a lower energy existences, but I want to identify a threat that humans can alter. It is the things we can control that matter. Corporations must first value the that future currency has a value, in order to see the light.

I assert that toxic pollution is a greater threat to our environment than Climate Change.

There, I said it. Why? Because our planet, and its lifeforms have evolved to adapt to changing climate. Ice ages, asteroids, volcanoes: the earth has seen it, done it, been there. Climate Change may eliminate humans from the earth (something up for debate), but, Climate Change will not kill all life on earth. Earth's surviving critters will simply continue to evolve. Mother nature will continue without many. Migration patterns are already in flux, trees are even migrating, can they move fast enough?

Focusing on toxic pollution is my concern; creating toxins, releasing toxins into our environment and throwing toxins into landfills. Why? Because, toxins can disrupt all lifeforms. Currently, our human race is being stressed by toxins that are not naturally occurring. Toxic impacts are currently feminizing some mammalian and other groups of species. More female fish, sperm counts of many male animals are dropping, these are two known examples of toxic impacts.

Climate Change will pressure life on earth to evolve, but toxins poison or can change biological processes, interrupting the natural selection of species and breaking mother nature's rules. Did we beat the "system"? No. We are beating ourselves.

Think about it, If humans use less toxic things and our governments pass laws protecting all life forms from toxins, humanity would naturally use less energy ( making toxins, transporting toxins, hurting the environment by extracting materials, etc. to make toxins, cleaning up toxic pollution and the simple health impacts on us). Do the math.

A very simple example: If we used farmed wood and other natural materials instead of plastic, think of the all the benefits; a healthier environment for all life and humans would use less energy. We just have to ensure that these resources are ethical and don't introduce invasive species, or compete with locals ecosystems, etc.

The “beauty” of focusing on toxins is that we would use less energy to make products, thus decreasing CO2 emissions that are responsible, in part, for Climate Change Modulation.

Seems like everyone in arguing about CO2 for some reason. Perhaps to build the next "free market"?

Two birds with one stone? Perhaps. Think about it. Don't let governments escape the impacts of toxins on you and all the other critters on our planet!


P.S. ~ If you don't agree with me, prove it first. If you can teach me something, I will thank you in a manner warranted. If you are intending to troll me please go away!