Green! Green?

“Little” factoid for your brain today:

Did you know that the chemicals in colour dyes are bad for our environment?

Did you know that the colour green is typically the worst colour of our “consumer spectrum”? I am sure there are many different types of green dyes, but, on average, green is the worst offender.

Think! Is green “Green”? Next time you buy a “Green product” check the packaging. Is it green? Are the dyes all natural? If not, are you helping the environment, or hurting it? If they cannot think about the impacts of using green dyes, is the product any greener for the environment?

If packaging people are talking like this (#nailedya) what is inside? Read it. What you learn is that you need to teach yourself more about Green than packaging, by law, does not have to say.

Critical thinking: Do it!


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