Bacteria for what?!

Bacteria is mother natures little busy body. They “munch and munch” till there “ain't no more”.

Without bacteria, we would have no plants or animals. Why? Because bacteria are in symbiosis with all living things, most of the time. See life on earth is just one big symbiosis party. Until homosapiens discovered science! With science, homosapiens are out of control, add medicine, it gets worse, add computers and look where we are at now! Seems like when you evolve “beyond” “mother nature”, the rules change. How true is that! Mother nature cannot keep her simple balance formula going. She still has tricks though, tricks to eliminate a lot of homosapiens from the planet.

I like bacteria, especially in some foods! Yum. Some bacteria is good, some bad!

Bacteria can eat lots of stuff. Its natures tiny “recycling heebee – jeebee” that works 24/7 given the right environment to do “the dance it does”. I have known about “special” bacteria for almost a decade now. Special? Yes, Special. I know of bacteria that eat oil, eat lead and even make yogurt so yummy.

In fact, some companies use them to treat toxic materials with no long term damage to our environment.

Why did BP not use bacteria to clean up the oil spill? Simple! BP, and the oil-boys-network own a company! It makes COREXIT ( get it? Corexit – “corrects it” - those oil marketing guy sure are slick! Almost as slick as my #iearth1st , but hey, I am a greengenius and they are just scumbags #nailedya )! Thats the stuff they use. It is toxic to wildlife? Yep! So, why do they insist on using it? Because it makes them money “on the other side of the street.” Every time they screw things up: oil spills, tanker spills, municipal oil spills, etc., they can make more money by buying their own stuff to "fix it". Why do they not use bacteria? Because it replicates and solves the problem, over time, itself!

This is a poor business model for greedy corporations. Things that fix themselves are a no-no! They would prefer to sell things that only they make and can sell lots of. It makes sense, if you could care less about the environment and life on earth!

I talk about bacteria, in my blog “Green Electronics”, "how to compost your electronics". Check it out when you are emotionally stable!

So, now you know! You know that companies never do anything unless there is a profit to be made, no matter the environmental damage. Its the American way (the old way)! And has been adopted by many countries through privatization of foreign governments. Like Canada!

Sounds gloomy huh? Well, there is always a bright side in my blogs!

I rarely make a shout outs, but, I will today. And, this is a shout out to all companies that clean up toxic “whoopsies” using bacteria, or use bacteria to help improve processes. I am located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! So, I am giving my shout out to this company (you just got the deepgreendesign "jolt")! Good work guys! You are part of our green future! I hope you keep decreasing your carbon footprint and ours!


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