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Keeping up with all the innovations in technology and design is a never-ending task. Each day new ideas are discussed, proven, or launched into the market. With so many scientists working on "better mousetraps" the steady flow of baby steps towards innovation can set a feverish pace.

As a young designer and CEO [and janitor] of my own company, I would subscribe to the steady flow of industry related magazines; Machine Design, Automation World, Industry Week, etc. The novelty of not having to pay for subscriptions turned me into a magazine library, most of them were pretty good, but my favorite was Nasa Tech Briefs — Loaded with new technology being rolled out to industry for licensing opportunities. They only published the good stuff. Today with the internet, this stream can sometimes be overwhelming. With so much stuff, what's good stuff?

Watching the efficiency of perovskite solar cells go from ~5% to ~20%, over 10 years, is less exciting than paint that can dry in 24 hours. When a landmark innovation hits my news radar, my pulse quickens. Who doesn't love a huge innovation? In the game of progress, landmark innovations change entire games and markets. When I read, "Fast-charging everlasting battery power from graphene", my pulse popped! 

Battery? No, it's actually a supercapacitor [a capacitor that's really super]. This innovation is a landmark because it eliminates the need for lithium, the material that is light and good energy properties for design. Cars, devices, energy storage systems, hybrid energy generation, etc, etc can all leverage this innovation. Will it be lighter, smaller, as well? When this product is closer to launch, we will know.

Solving the battery problem has always been a barrier to a green future, good to see these constraints starting to crumble and enable the next generation in green energy solutions.