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Are Bowerbirds groovier than humans at the green Valentine's dance? Like most humans, I have standards when it comes to the psychology of fitness signaling. Even Bowerbirds do — so what catches their eye? When it comes to sex, seems the rules are changing. The human sex culture is evolving but is it for the "better"? 

Are some bits of our modern human psychology less sophisticated than the animals we evolved from? Seems that there are no official rules in evolution — just official sex? Or, is there love? Does a fem Bowerbird love a male Bowerbird, or are they just looking for some fancy official sex? Does the male Bowerbird care? Regardless, the male seems to try very hard at what they are doing. Their dance seems local in culture: 

In advanced nature, it seems healthy sex is based upon consent. Are our human mating rituals more sophisticated than what Mrs Bowerbird expects? Yes, they are — much more complex. Seems that with less evolutionary selection pressure, variety flourishes? Each human culture has their own "love lingo"? The reality is that some human cultures' sex is not based upon consent, and that is not healthy — seems more a dangerous meme.

With a complex human culture, what other mating rituals are "toxic"? Before humans, male Bowerbirds' mating displays were green* — flowers, stones, berries, twigs — colour being a key to the design of their sexy bowers? Are birds more "colour sensitive"? The science says yes — today, we see Mr Bowerbird likes to use plastic, metal and other colourful human trash. Does our human garbage increase the quality of Mr Bowerbird's mating success? 

When we think of mating success in human terms, is that when everyone is happy to become happily pregnant** and safely deliver a happy healthy child? Seems in an ideal world, this is the case. Or, Is mating success when said happy child successfully repeats the happy process? Who knew happy could be so complex.

Be My Green Valentine?

How can this blog improve your mating success? I am not sure if it can, sorry, but I will share some new sexy tips. It seems that evolution is also driven by our culture — the more we learn and teach, the more advanced humans become. If we look at the complexity of mating success, is healthier sex more successful? Yadda-yadda!

When it comes to Valentine's Day, it seems like it's an evolving "international Bowerbird day"? Are other cultures adopting our lovely love culture? Does our learned love culture shows us how to do our "local Bowerbird dance"? Love is in the air, but there is the "commercial reality" of Valentine's Day — quietly telling us how to dance. Are these better moves? Can we have better, healthier sex? I think so, it takes practice.

I recently received an unsolicited fitness signal from a jewellery marketer suggesting my culture adopt a double-diamond and gold ring standard for my ever evolving Bowerbird moves. One diamond for love and one diamond for friendship — much better that one diamond? The marketing suggests so. Is one diamond not enough — dangerous meme?

If we look at today's greener culture, our Bowerbird dances all seem to be evolving — our healthy environment is a shared common goal in modern intelligent relationships? Many greener Bowerbirding couples are happy to do their new sexy green dance. I salute you!

Is consumerism getting uglier? The more we learn the truth about some fitness signals we learn that not all fitness signals have the same amplitudes — Is your sexy dance toxic or greener?

Each year about 10% of the global gold trade is from the illegal gold market. For the diamond market, we all have hopefully heard of blood diamonds, but what about ethical diamonds from Canada? What about ethical gold? How well can trust this marketing? 

For illegal gold, sometimes indigenous lands are ripped up in a few days — using toxic mercury to trap gold, then flaming off the mercury creating toxic mercury vapour that slowly toxifies the brains of illegal miners, then our environment. This illegal gold quietly finds its way into our global gold markets.

In Canada's North, some mining companies are using entire clean freshwater lakes for dumping and processing. Using an entire lake in its manufacturing process — not that "ethical", it seems. This toxifies entire lakes — the effluent toxifying local environments for generations, slowly spreading via water flow, insects, fish, birds, and animals up the food chain. Not sexy! 

Does your lovely sexy dance have any toxic secrets? Check your moves! Should our new consent culture include healthy and environmentally friendly fitness signals? Has the old luxury fitness signal now become ugly? Is simple sexy?

If evolution has no rules, perhaps it's time for an adult conversation about green*** sex. Once you try green sex, you just might like it — but, make sure your chocolates are green****.

Just do it, try out some new green sexy moves!


* — not the colour green, recyclable.

** — or "post-adoptive"?

*** — not the colour green, healthy sex. 

**** — really?