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As a designer, I like to play with ideas — green design can only advance green so far if we do not have the green bits and parts to make it all move forwards. Like making a green cake — if all the ingredients are green and the process of making the cake is green, it's probably green*.

My favorite moments of being a green designer are when my fun ideas become actual fun toys I can play with. The recent Government of Canada announcement to invest in green science was very refreshing to see. These smart investments were ignored by our previous Stephen Harper Government in favour of investing in his "Energy Superpower" ideas. Super-not-smart!

I recently wrote the blog "Green Math ≠ Green Results?" to illustrate that even green investment can't guarantee a green result. Catherine McKenna appeared on my radar, in this National Observer article, by Mike De Souza — the blip on my radar screen said "green electronics". When I wrote Green Math ≠ Green Results?, I wasn't expecting to see green electronics on the green science radar — this is a positive blip! 

On November 23rd, 2010, I wrote the blog "Green Electronics" — a fun look at what green designers need to help eliminate many toxic issues we currently have in our various manufacturing sources. If a designer can't get a green "X", there can be no green "Y".

Understanding technology and which technology will result in massive future revenues is important. When I wrote my first blog after Justin Trudeau was elected, I called it 'Greening Canada" — having smart leadership is much more predictable and useful for a progressive and healthy economy in Canada. 

Canada has the highest scientific literacy in the world and we need to leverage our assets if we are going to be a healthy big fish in a small, and toxic-free, future pond.


* — not the colour green.