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Opinion ~ Gifts of healthy selfish gift-giving.

Giving a gift is an interesting social exchange in our culture, so common it has expanded beyond useful to collecting, gag gifts to the useless. The cat person gets cat stuff. Right?  

Why not shift to a green gift? Instead of a green trinket, why not upgrade to a long-term "act"? Versus a green "act", a green trinket might only replace a non-green trinket, resulting in landfill. So, in some instances a green trinket isn't so green.

In my blog Superconscious Supernatural Supergifts I talk about sprouting your green signals. Giving an eco gift can be an opportunity to share a bit of the green holiday spirit. Choose to give a gift that can green your community. Instead of a green trinket go green donation!

It's a great signal to send - help every person's environment in Canada. I think everyone can see the value in an healthier environment. Why not replace the traditional card or small throw-away gifts with a donation to help Canada get a little greener.  After our Stephen Harper Government, Canada needs a little green push to get rolling again. I'm optimistic.

I recently attended two different events in Toronto - GreenPAC and Environmental Defence. Thanks for the invitations @GreenPACdotca and @envirodefence! These are two groups that are doing quality work for your environment. Be selfish with your Earth! Donate on your friend's behalf. A green gift that secretly gives back to you. In selfish terms, the perfect gift!

GreenPAC sprouted last year and focuses on championing MP's that will advocate for a smarter path for Canada to take. GreenPAC meets with candidates and identifies champions and educates. It will be interesting to see how they grow and impact our next Federal Election. With proportional representation, this can really boost the Green Party of Canada greenprint in Parliament.

Environmental Defence challenges our Government on very important climate, pollution and toxic issues. They helped Alberta close the climate deal with Rachel Notley and have good analysis of our top toxic issues. They also helped stop plastic microbeads in products, one of my many pet peeves. Thank you, again!

If you enjoy green entertainment, might I insist donating to both and let the green games begin! Let Environmental Defence folks "work" with the GreenPAC folks. Remember, give the gift of a greener future!