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Opinion: Science can help those that suffer, so, let's do that.

The Government of Canada is wasting no time plugging the holes in Stephen Harper's dysfunctional Government. I'm looking forward to seeing how Harjit Sajjan will make Mental Health of veterans and troops a top priority. It is a relief having moral leadership back in Ottawa.

When does Canada get our first Minister of Mental Health?

I'm glad that veterans were successful in their anti-Harper campaign. I hope our troops and veterans can rest a little better knowing that Canada has their 6. The helplessness endured, by some, isn't an option for our veterans, troops and also our first responders. I'm impressed with Trudeau for making these strong announcements quickly.

I'm sure the Canadian Psychological Association is very happy to see the return of science-based policy. I wonder how many mental health specialists are smiling in Canada now. Mental health, as we learn more about it, is becoming more of a growth science. Being able to support Canadians and enable them to flourish will lead to growth in other areas, as well. The past 10 years have revealed many new answers to how our brain works.

The mental damage of war is very real. I consider myself very lucky to live in a peaceful nation. I can't begin to understand what our veterans and troops endure. My grandfather served. He told me that he fought so that I may never know the horror of war. Grateful. So if we have the tools to reduce veterans suffering, shouldn't Canada serve them?

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and it will be a little heavier remembering those who were victimized by Stephen Harper. Some didn't survive, when they may have. A shameful truth and lost opportunities.

Having spoken with a few veterans, our Government already studied the best ways to serve those that serve(d) Canada. The experts already determined that Canada should deliver timely and compassionate service to our military team and veterans.

Our military is trained to act as a team, without question. Canada needs to serve them, without question, lest we forget them, again. 

Thanks, troops and vets!