Opinion: Evolution of culture is fun to watch, especially when someone asks "But what can I do?".

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What can you do? You are doing it, now. Regardless if you like it or not. Our culture is evolving and changing. Each day people make positive changes in their lives. Through sharing of new culture, it seems that society keeps the good stuff and tosses the bad. We live in Earth's most peaceful times but how did we get here? Through tiny changes.

Social behaviour in many animal species is locally unique. With respect to Homo Evolutis, our culture has gone global. Swarmy! The global discussion on morality and culture is starting to happen. But what can I do? You are doing it, now.

In the past few decades, we have seen our culture evolve. Today, we can see this process on social media, and yes, it can get ugly, but change rarely occurs quickly. Have your values changed in the past decade? As we learn more, culture grows. When I learned I was ~4% Neanderthal, I first thought "ew", but I now am comfortable with it. We are always changing. How quickly does culture impact our genetics?  

Recent cultural evolution with respect to gender and sexuality demonstrates how culture evolves. Understanding that climate will cause more global risk, we are doing what's needed. Regardless of what you think, you are important in the "But what can I do?". Evolve, grow and share what you think needs to be done.

People can change their habits. How people consume is changing. How people are treating each other is changing. I feel optimistic about our future. We have the skills to overcome, we just have to do it. We are changing how we eat, we are changing our activities. Trading in a motorcycle for a bicycle, a powerboat for a kayak. Slow down and enjoy a new perspective with this knowledge that you are making a difference. Change is good.

Less luxury, air travel, consumption, driving, skydiving, makeup, fashion, overeating,  waterskiing, motocrossin', shootin' guns, oil painting, electric-animaltronic-dysfunctioning-LED-seasonal-lawn-ornamentifications, stretchy microplastic Koch Brothers clothing, ocean trash dumping mega-cruises, and travelling carnivals. Carnivals have a large carbon footprint and a large creepy footprint, as well, "ew".

Think about all of your learned habits. Which should you change? Which can you change? Which will you change? One thing I am currently trying to change is wasting less food. That was my 2015 New Years resolution. I am working on it. Trying to change. I think I have improved.

What can you change?


Then enjoy some more!