I think it is clear to Canadians that Stephen Harper is ^NOT here for the Environment.

We have seen “his” government operate: cloaked in secrecy. There have been many “lists” circulated about the reasons that we need to oust the CPC government and the environment is always near the top.

Some think I am an alarmist, but globally, Harper has given Canada a “tar-eye” on the environment and human rights.

It is comforting to see so many concerned with the fate of our home, earth. It is discomforting to see some CPC supporters show blatant contempt for it. During a “tour de tweets”, I saw an overtly disgruntled individual exclaim that they would turn on all the lights for Earth Hour and waste more energy than usual. How Canadian? No, how ignorant. But, seems there are rotten apples in every bushel. It is time we vote them out of Canada?

The primary reason for my complete disdain for the conservatives is their secrecy and their desire to privatize anything that is not nailed down. Let me explain:

With the environment, you cannot write off losses, losses are real. In economics, you can write of losses. This difference, in “reality”, leads to some corporations wasting resources with little regard. A seasoned accountant can turn a loss into something manageable in the “shell game” of economics. There are no games in reality, what is done is done. Ignoring this fact is a huge risk for any leadership.

Of course there are the corporations that pollute the planet and the governments that let them. It is amazing to see how little the “actual” cost to clean up operations or a "process" is. Corporations will have a "cash tantrum" if they have to spend that extra bit. Makes you wonder if it is really an economic thing or a power-ego trip? I am going to side-step these knowns and continue.

We do understand that in our environment, losing a species, a tract of natural ecosystem or polluting an ecosystem is a irreversible process. This is a scientific term, not an economic term. An irreversible process simply means what is done is done and you cannot go back and change it. Sure an ecosystem can heal and recover, but, you cannot rewrite history like in economics.

So, yes, the economic system needs to adapt to the realities of an over-crowded and over-consuming population. This won't change quickly, systems need to evolve, but, to do that our leadership must recognize the challenge and champion it. I think this is well understood.

Canada used to be respected globally for its "champion qualities" in the environment ( and human rights ). A Canadian helped write the Kyoto accord. Our leadership is dishonest: they won't negotiate or find a way to address the realities of pollution and climate change. They just cut challenges, they do not adapt or improve them: make them work. The old “SEP” : Someone else's problem. Well, can this continue?

Seems corporations will find an excuse to not adapt. Is this smart?

Most say no, and so do I. Forcing change forces innovation, science and technology. Forcing change provides growth in stagnating service-based economies. Forcing change provides jobs and opportunities. Imagine a government that tries to suppress science and innovation? Well, imagine no more, Stephen Harper is reality! Many examples in history exist for this.

We need to focus on the challenge and not lose global leadership. Leadership in common good is one of those sparks of Canadian pride. People respect Canada for it and Stephen Harper has tarnished that reputation with real and negative economic impacts: Green Energy & Jobs.

Green Energy and Green Products is the fastest growing market. Imagine if past Canadian leadership ignored science and innovation? Seems an “economics” major would react accordingly. Dishonest.

Enjoy and exercise this democracy, provided by past generations, and vote this "hamster" out!


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