Open letter to: David Suzuki, CC, OBC, Ph.D LLD,

Hi David,

For a long time I have seen you as a champion of our environment. No question. Your education, for me, is invaluable, thank you! You are a huge asset to science, Canada and Earth. I respect your opinions and how you share them. Your curiosity inspires me to learn more.

I have had a grudge about you, though. I admit it. I guess it was my "frustration with the lack advancement of environmental issues". I firmly believe that we must take action, make changes. I misplaced this "one grudge". I felt that you were not accomplishing as much as I would like you to. Weird huh? Don't worry, its gone.

I have let this go a while back, now I am sharing my feelings with you. It was my brain tricking me? Yes. I was using transferrence, when I should have kept a positive attitude for progress. That is why I wrote: "METAMAN 101". I see science being ignored and I decided to take my own action. I want science to be "safe" and progressive.

Good luck, thanks, and "thanks for all the fish!"


Graham Chivers, Active Blogger.


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