Not in my front/back yard or so I can see it.

One of the hurdles, in big wind farms, seems to be our systems of administration. The administration costs: Federal and Provincial. Now, I see, there is some resistance building against wind farms. The zero value added political "fresh meat" lawmakers drool over.

I can understand people fighting dumps ( Stop Dumpsite 41 (worked!): Tiny rocks! ), fracking, coal fired generation plants, lead water mains, particulates, air pollution in Ontario, high volume traffic, nuclear waste (Hey Tony Clement, nice anti-spam laws), the list goes on. Check out this site, emitter, shows pollution in your area.

Man, this summer I wanted to start a petition on "Elephant Grass" or Pampas Grass. Whats up with this? They cut the grass along roads and let this stuff thrive? I would rather see wildflowers than grass, plus, tall weeds slow down cars a little bit more ;) This stuff is invading and taking over. What is being done?

Making any argument, against investment in “green”, seems baffling. Energy Independence, for me, means green-energy Canada, then sitting on a big stack of oil. Think of it as Canadas “savings account”. All these “councils meetings”, green energy awareness programs are cute, but, why not dump the cash into infrastructure that generates "green" energy.

The ROI on these wind systems, located in our lakes, is great. We can put the “big mamas” out "there". Hopefully some 4MW action! I also think we should support the guys in Peterborough at GE. The company has been there for ~100 years. They make electrical motors. Buy local? Hmmmm. I am not a fan of all GE divisions, but these guys are "somewhat cool". Very specialized stuff. Talented people. Ontario innovation.

But, what about the wind-haters? Clearly, subsonics are present in wind operations. But, these folks must also understand that the blade designs, currently available, are not optimized, yet.

Many advancements are being made using natural systems designs (modelled after a whale fluke, with bumps to optimize stall characteristics and hopefully reduce noise (lost energy)). I am sure someone is working on a subsonic damping system? Who knows! The technology is still young. Once the towers are installed, they can upgrade systems, providing a founded economic benefit.

So, the planning starts then screech! NIMBY/NIMFY or I can see them! Oh no!

In Ontario, there are about 40 or so “local community” groups that have assembled to oppose new development in wind energy. Do you know who funds the groups? Not sure. ;)

Its members even pull the "carte de terror" on: “bat beatings”, “bird blenders” and subsonic “waves of death”. I wonder if the “waves of death” study is reliable? Are these environmental “talking points” based on false or flimsy science? And these complaints get heard even though some of these studies have been disproven already.

By having a “1st Annual Symposium” in Picton, Ontario (was held October 29-31, 2010): does not provide credibility to their intent to stall wind development. This group tells you in the disclaimer, that this is “new stuff” and they are not responsible. We need to all make changes, in how "we do this".

I understand that Prince Edward County is a gem, but, what about the health concerns of: irradiated areas, lower income areas around industrial sites, schools and living beside big highways, living near a coalgen station? What about the health concerns about the toxicity in Hamilton, etc.?

Some see the wind turbine as an imposition on natural beauty, but, one can also think of it in terms of progress and working with nature to help nature. I have been under some "big gigs" and "small gigs". There is noise, yes. There is subsonics, sure. I read some the "startling health effects" stated on this site: lost sleep? I also wonder what percentage of the population does not find wind turbines offensive. Maybe some people are supersensitive? I am not sure. Perhaps they can move to Hamilton?

Coal fire plants, other sources of atmospheric particulates and chemical pollution are my present concerns.

Its funny to see a "no smoking sign" outside the entrance to a building, in downtown Toronto, turn around and traffic is spewing "its stuff". If Ontario dreams of “Electric Cars” it better clean up the coal emmissions. Car in genergal, poisons all of the environment. Even Picton, Ontario. Is the government using diversion tactics? Second hand smoke? Go sit beside a campfire.

I have seen many documentaries on wind opposition, etc. People saying how off shore “utilization” ( wind, wave energy, etc. ) somehow destroys “the natural beauty” or “decreases property resale value” ( would their taxes go down or something? ). I guess this is "their" “sacred chunk of the planet”.

Would "be fun to float one of these $20,000,000 family" “cottages” out to the middle of the pacific garbage patch and let them set up shop. All that excess “surface area” breeds tons of unnatural bateria. Must stink! Poor turtles, fish, birds, sharks and Larry from Hawaii, with air matress in tow.

"They" paid for "their" "nature spot". I guess me complaining about mega-mansions as an eye sore and over consumption, would not get far in court.

Our planet is carved with: superhighways, new urban “California-Style Shopping Experiences”, widening country roads giving way to heavy traffic. Urban sprawl chewing up natural spaces. I was always kind of sad to see those quaint country drives turned into through traffic.

Our cities have dirty air, our beaches are strewn with decaying plastic ( which “they” say “may” be “health-impacting” “sometimes” under “specific unknown circumstances” ), wetlands turned into parking lots. Complaints from the Picton on this stuff?

But, not in my back yard. “Windmills are ugly”. Funny, I do not see the symposium talking about oil spills, or dead animals or sick children. This opposition is global, some are so rich they have enough legal power to “try to put out the sun with a garden hose and make NASA do it”.

Not in my back yard! Did they start the "1st Annual Meeting" to complain about: Nestle Waters, sue the American Plastics lobby, or fight against "big oil" incompetence?

Check out their website. If they only mentioned the health effects I would look closer, but when they “slap” up the other talking points, it really discredits them. Most of them have been disproven already. Light pollution in cities kills more that some wind turbines. Ever see a bird hit a tree? Some die from turbines, but, how many die from pollution?

Please people, its not strip mining Alberta, its some windmills, chill out. After a while, you will might find them pretty. Some folks say they are hypnotic when they are driving. Please.

Do they find: magestic highways, endless powelines, colourfully polluted water, smog alerts, sunset “enhancements” acceptable?

Funny how some see positive changes as negative. Can you do your part and "rethink what is important" for your “beautiful view” of our planet?


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