My First Blog! An Introduction.

I am located in Toronto, Canada. I live green. I gave up my car. No cellphone. No processed foods, when I have the choice. No travel that requires an airplane. No over-consumption, thats my goal. I try to lead a utilitarian and simple existance. Sounds boring? No, I have replaced the ego-trappings of life with the simple pleasures. I like to share my knowledge, study advanced mathmatics, grow food, cook and bake, exercise, read non-ficiton ( should it not be called reality? ) and of course environmental issues and designing products to support my environment and simplfy lives.

I am an ex-environmental activist. Let me explain this. I have learned that voiceing opinions or ideas, while constructive to some, was not enough for me. I feel that taking action is the only way to realize ones convictions. I have changed my life from top to bottom in an attempt to learn more about how to live green, and I am not finished.

I am a professional designer. No, not interior decorator or fashion. I am a product design specialist. I have taken my 30 years of environmental learning and my 25 years of mechanical design expertise and ventured into "Green Design". I am a design consultant.

"All my life" I have been tinkering and designing and the environment has always seemed to be my passion. My first green design was a sketch I made at the age of 10. It was a "city air filter" to clean the city air. Living breifly in Toronto, I noticed the smog in the air. I thought that if I designed an air filter, I could clean the air for people. Simple? Seemed simple at first. So, with pencil in hand, I sketched a big box and inside a propeller and motor from an airplane ( repurposing already ). Above and infront of the prop, I sketched a water nozzle. The premise was simple: squirt the water to clean the air being pumped through. Then I thought, ok, what do I do with all this dirty water? Good question. I put my design on hold. I thought of evaporating the water. What to do with the toxic sludge? Good question. I put my design on hold again. It is still on hold, since, the energy required to extract and manage the toxic "stuff" is not benificial to the ROI model. ROI? Return on Investment. The reality is that it is expensive and the current free market capitalist model of investment would never buy into such a product. Reality.

I learned that designing is tricky stuff, but, I kept at it. Understanding each facet of a design is the challenge. To this day, the simple design that does the job at the lowest cost seems to be the rule. Correct? Nope. We need designs that are simple, cost effective and benefit the environment. I have 3 designs that accomplish that already. I am looking for investors.

I have been an "activist" turned "actionist" for the majority of my life. In 1995 I wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, etc. outlining my desire to start a Green Crown Corporation that would start manufacturing green energy solutions ( solar, wind, geothermal ) and use profits and help from the academic community to innovate these technologies with the eventual intent of selling each product rights once the technology was solid and productive. Of course, you know the answer they gave me. That was almost 15 years ago. I stressed that this ambitious project would create jobs, advance technology and make Canada a leader in Green technology worldwide. Wow, what could have been! The difference is that action would be first, innovation second. I think it is important to take action and make the action worthwhile, make it better, each person adding better ideas. Like science.

Now the government is "playing catch up" and "throwing money away" towards projects that add little value for a long term Green goal. I look at the programs in place and shake my head, tsk tsk. Today, our environment is under attack from human activity and the "Green" solutions I see being marketed are not that "Green" to begin with.

Greenwashing is the next big scam. It did not take long for the "scumbag profiteers" long to jump on the bandwagon and start to take advantage of people and their desire to improve the world around them. It had to happen.

I wish to accomplish two things. 1.) Educate people on what green is, in my opionion and 2.) Make people aware of my services for design.


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